Hydramotion XL7-D16 Melt Pipe Viscometer

Sleek. Fast. Accurate. Real-time polymer viscosity in the heart of the flow. There is no better place to measure melt viscosity than in the pipe. Anywhere else is second best.
The XL7-d16 Melt Viscometer delivers unparalleled speed and accuracy right where you need it. The ultimate tool for managing your polymer melt every second of the day.

Unique Design

At the heart of the XL7-d16 is the beautifully simple streamlined sensing spike. It sits in the centre of the pipe with the melt flowing effortlessly around it so that fresh polymer is constantly being presented for measurement. No flow disruption. No dead spaces.

We call the XL7 ‘surface loaded’, because all the measurement action takes place right on the spike itself. This means the sensor doesn’t really care where it is located as it’s not troubled by pipe or tank sizes, flow, or any of the things that affect other techniques.




Manufacturer info

As respected leaders, Hydramotion has created the products that define modern industrial viscometry. This is no accident, it’s in our DNA. The design team led by CEO, John Gallagher, is founded on a core of engineering and physics and has a long history of groundbreaking innovation.

Website: https://hydramotion.com/