Hydramotion THRUVISC Flow Through Small Bore Solution Viscometer

The ThruVisc is the perfect solution for measuring viscosity in small bore pipes and tubes. Each viscometer in the range has a completely clear bore which is ideal for sanitary applications or any situation where there is a risk of contamination.

The sensor also has all the attributes found in every Hydramotion viscometer: high accuracy, no moving parts, negligible maintenance, and robust construction to withstand harsh duty and high pressure.


The seamless flow-tube at the heart of the ThruVisc presents a clear uninterrupted pathway for the liquid with no hiding place for trapped fluid. This makes it compatible with pigging systems, as often used with paints, inks and coatings, where contamination from residual fluid in the system cannot be tolerated.


The compact sensor is not affected by flow, orientation or bubbles, and can be located anywhere in the system. It is available with a wide choice of tube/pipe fittings. Wetted material is 316 stainless steel as standard with options for C276 and C22 alloys.

ThruViscs connect with all VP Processors giving the options for either simple single installations or complete integration with any plant-wide control systems.



Manufacturer info

As respected leaders, Hydramotion has created products that define modern industrial viscometry. This is no accident, it’s in our DNA. The design team led by CEO, John Gallagher, is founded on a core of engineering and physics and has a long history of groundbreaking innovation.

Website: https://hydramotion.com/