GASERA One Pulse

GASERA ONE PULSE is a versatile and easy to use multi-gas monitoring solution. It offers accurate ppb detection at an unbeatable price. It can be configured for a range of uses and is currently in use by our customers in; detecting SF6 leakage, refrigerant leakage, anesthetic gas monitoring, emissions monitoring of greenhouse gases, soil analysis, occupational health and safety, photocatalysis, animal husbandry, and fume hood performance testing.


Gasera’s patented cantilever enhanced photoacoustic technology delivers ppb gas detection in the most challenging measurement environments and at an industry leading price.

This is achieved by the GASERA ONE PULSE’s unique measurement capabilities and advanced chemometric algorithms that use up to ten different measurement signals to ensure that your target gases can be swiftly and accurately measured even in the presence of the most troublesome interferents, such as high levels of moisture where competitor systems cannot tolerate.

Gasera’s customer support team can work with you to configure the GASERA ONE PULSE to achieve the detection performance required for your application.


Several option possibilities enable even more versatile use of the multi-purpose GASERA ONE PULSE instrument.


GASERA ONE PULSE can be combined with our multi-channel sampling system to deliver even more gas monitoring capabilities and value.

The multi-channel sampler enables an automated and programmable sampling sequence of up to 12 different gas measurement sampling points to each GASERA ONE PULSE instrument, providing a cost-effective solution for customers.

Different applications require a different set of target gases. This is achieved with the selection of an appropriate set of optical filters for each unit. Some applications require field use. For this, a portable enclosure option is available with battery-powered operation.

Read more about Gasera Multipoint Sampler.


Gasera’s unique technology enables miniaturization of our instrument with no reduction in measuring sensitivity. It is also robust, and a low power technology compared to power-hungry, fragile FT-IR spectrometers and GC-MS instruments. This allows Gasera to offer a battery-powered portable product to enable gas detection in the most difficult locations. It is our “four-wheel-drive” version that still offers ppb detection and ease of use, but now our customers can measure anywhere. With enhanced features to combat the range of temperatures and vibration that a field instrument may experience, our portable instrument is also designed for ease of transport with a roll-on hard-case shell. (The trolley-version will be available in Q3-2019)

Available: Canada Wide

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  • Multi-gas monitoring solution
  • Class-leading performance
  • Unbeatable price


  • Anesthetics: desflurane, enflurane, isoflurane, sevoflurane etc.
  • Greenhouse gases: CF4, C2F6, R13, R-134a, CO2, N2O etc.
  • Tracer gases: SF6, R-134a, HFO-1234yf
  • Hydrocarbons: CH4, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6 etc.
  • Inorganics: CO, CO2, H2O, NO, NO2, N2O, NF3, NH3, SF6, SO2
  • VOCs: acetone, benzene, ethanol, formaldehyde, methanol, toluene, xylenes etc.


  • Animal husbandry
  • Fume hood performance testing
  • Greenhouse gases research
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Photocatalysis
  • Refrigerant leakage
  • SF6 leakage
  • Soil analysis
  • Tracer gas ventilation studies
  • Waste anesthetic gases


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Manufacturer info

Gasera is based on the life-work of Dr. Jyrki Kauppinen, a professor in the field of physics (currently retired). After building spectrometers for the purpose of studying materials, he realized that the same principle could be used to solve major global challenges and ultimately help people live longer and happier. His mission was set to finding the solution how to bring this technology so small and low cost, that it could be eventually utilized by every human being.