Federal Signal SLMB2 and SLMB3 StreamLine® Modular Multifunctional Dock Base

Introducing the StreamLine® 2-Stack and 3-Stack Dock Bases, the latest addition to the popular StreamLine® Modular Series product line. Available in 24VAC/DC or 120-240VAC, these dock bases can be configured with StreamLine® modular audible or visual signals. Choose from SLM100, SLM200, SLM300/350, SLM500, SLM700 or SLM1400/1450 to build the unit specific to your application.
The StreamLine® Dock Light Base option is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications in high foot traffic areas including parking garages, factories, and loading docks.
Models SLMB2, 2-stack dock light, and SLMB3, 3-stack dock light, allow for one function per position. Each base comes standard to surface mount with visors included. Optional wall (SLMB23W) and 1/2″ NPT pipe (SLMB23N) mounting options are sold separately. If additional side visibility is needed, the visors can be replaced with retaining rings (SLM-RR).
Note: Visual and Audible units for the base are sold separately. Compatible units include SLM100, SLM200, SLM300/350, SLM500, SLM700 & SLM1400/1450. Dock Base cannot be used with SLM600 or SLM800. 

Available: Canada Wide

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