ENOTEC Comtec 6000

The COMTEC® 6000 is an InSitu analyzer for measurement of O2 and COe (sum of unburned molecules – CO, H2, CxHy) in flue and process gases. The correlation of the O2 and COe measurements enables combustion fine tuning in real time.

Available: Canada Wide

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Enotec_Comtec6000_Technical specs_September 2015_Westech.pdf

Enotec_Comtec6000_System config_Jan 12,2020_Westech.pdf

Enotec_Comtec6000_Spec sheet_Dec 10, 2019_Westech.pdf

Manufacturer info

ENOTEC manufactures precise and durable analyzers. To ensure this high level of quality, the complete process of planning, development and engineering is carried out by a dedicated workforce in Germany.