BARTEC Distillation Process Analyzer DPA-4

The BARTEC BENKE Distillation Process Analyzer DPA-4 is the only distillation analyzer that is compliant with the master norm ASTM D86. Apart from measurement cycles fully compliant with the norm, the DPA-4 can be operated in the so called Rapid Analyzer Mode (RAM) in which the cycle time can be reduced to approx. 60%. It therefore serves to enhance automatic control of blending processes. The DPA-4 offers to run the distillation process below atmospheric pressure which prevents samples that are sensitive to temperature (e.g. palm oils) from degradation. It also allows extending the measurement range to higher boiling points.

Available: Canada Wide

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Bartec Benke_DPA-4_Datasheet_June2023_Westech.pdf

BARTEC_DPA_4_Brochure_Aug 2023_Westech.pdf

Manufacturer info

BARTEC products and solutions prevent explosions wherever hazardous substances such as flammable liquids, gases and dust could occur and keep humans safe and protect the environment. Customers primarily include companies from the oil and gas industries as well as chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies from around the world.