The BARTEC BENKE Viscosity Process Analyzer VISC-4 continuously measures the kinematic viscosity of a product via the capillary method. Due to the outstanding performance and sample temperature stability of ± 0.02 K the VISC-4 is the best choice for highly accurate viscosity measurements e.g. lube oil production and fuel oil blending. This high level of accuracy results in cost reduction while improving product quality. The VISC-4 is suitable to handle samples with a viscosity of up to 1000 cSt at measurement temperatures of up to 100 °C.

Available: Canada Wide

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BARTEC products and solutions prevent explosions wherever hazardous substances such as flammable liquids, gases and dust could occur and keep humans safe and protect the environment. Customers primarily include companies from the oil and gas industries as well as chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies from around the world.