A+ CORPORATION Genie 701 Portable Membrane Probe

Extremely lightweight yet surprisingly rugged
Liquid in a sample conditioning system can damage analyzers and lead to inaccurate sample analysis; directly affecting the bottom line. Applying our Analytically Correct™ designs to your sampling system can prevent these occurrences.

Our Genie® Model 701 Portable Insertion Probe is a simple, safe and economical solution to extract a representative vapor phase sample from a gas source. Our exclusive Pressure Balance™ technique allows for effortless insertion of the probe without the need for additional tools or pneumatic and hydraulic methods. Inserting the probe is easily accomplished by simply turning the handle with fingertips. This probe’s lightweight design makes it ideal for use as a spot or portable analyzer sample probe. However it can also be used in a permanent installation as part of a continuous or composite sample system.

When using the Model 701 for spot sampling, our flow restrictor and Spot Sampling Manifold are
recommended. The flow restrictor prevents liquid from being forced through the membrane as a result of excessive flow while the Spot Sampling Manifold provides and easy means to connect the cylinder to the probe and purge the sample path from probe tip to cylinder inlet valve.

We are the only manufacturer that provides Analytically Correct™ membrane tipped sample probes for insertion inside a pipeline or vessel. Using a membrane tip conforms to API 14.1 and GPA 2166 standards. Our patented Genie® Membrane Probes™ are the most efficient means for separating entrained liquid from the sample at source conditions. The 701 is a key component in our Portable Sample System.

Available: Canada Wide

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  • Rejects entrained liquid in the source:
      › Preserves sample integrity
      › Protects sample system from liquid and particulates
      › Achieves natural gas standards compliance
  • Eliminates the need for:
      › Line depressurization
      › Multiple probes (spot or portable sampling)


  • Field-proven and patented:
      › Genie® Membrane Tip Technology™
      › Pressure Balance™ Technique
      › Harmonic resonance during dampening
  • Lightweight and portable with fingertip insertion
  • Insertion depth scale and magnetic indicator ring
  • Flow restrictor and mainifold for spot sampling
  • Analytically Correct™ design





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Leading the industry in Analytically Correct™ Sampling Systems, Components, and Technology. By applying sound principles of science and a minimalistic design approach, we manufacture our products to solve your specific sampling needs. We specialize in Analytically Correct™ Sample System Design, Sample Conditioning Components, and revolutionary gas and liquid sampling technology. We are The Sampling Experts™.