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Honeywell Point Gas Detection Course

Course Name:                      Honeywell Point Gas Detection

Length of Course:               One Day, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Course Location:                 Westech or a Choice of Location

Cost:                                     Call Westech for Details

Course Description: This 1-day course covers Gas Detection measurement principles and theory of operation. The class will discuss the installation, configuration, operation, calibration, maintenance and troubleshooting of the Honeywell Combustible and Toxic Gas Detectors.  In addition, it will cover technology selection vs. applications to optimize safety to cost ratio.

Course Objectives:  

General review of Theory of Operation / Measurement Principle and Technique

  • Parameterization
  • Menu navigation
  • Diagnostic information
  • ERRORS and ALARM management
  • Data backup
  • Software and Firmware recognition
  • Remote Connections (if applicable)
  • Installation

Hands-On Practice Includes:

  • Wiring
  • Setting the instrument
  • Testing the instrument
  • Basic Trouble Shooting

Course Outline
Day 1 – see Course Objectives section

Equipment and tools provided by Westech

The participants may be E&I technicians, plant operators and other categories of personnel working with process safety equipment. Limit class size 5 people.

There are no formal pre-requisites for the course

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