CASE STUDY: Vanguard Wireless Gas Detector Plant Expansion success story

Industrial Process Facilities


Fast Deployment for Plant Expansion


Install completed in days, not months

Leveraged existing WiHART network

Realized savings of over $400K


A major O&G company purchased a tank farm that adjoined their refinery. The acquired asset did not have adequate fence line monitoring and needed to be brought into compliance. The time and cost to install traditional wired point detectors to do so, were not acceptable.


United Electric’s revolutionary and first of its kind Vanguard WiHART Gas Detector allowed the company to meet the inspection deadline for compliance, but also capitalize on $400,000.00 of savings, since the cost of the devices and labor for install was 1/5 that of the initial wired gas detection proposal. Taking advantage of its existing WiHART network, the company quickly and economically expanded their coverage of toxic and flammable assets. The ultimate payoff however, is protecting the health of the community living in close proximity


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