Case Study – Vanguard Temp Work-site Monitoring success story

Key Results

Deployed in days not months

Cash savings from not having to run conduit

18801902 - oil and gas processing plant with pipe line and valves


A rare event happened which caused the soil around a transport pipeline to erode, exposing a section of the pipeline. This created several challenges not only to the transport of product but extending to environmental and societal factors. This is because the pipeline was transporting product containing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), a deadly toxic gas. The customer immediately took action to fix the issue, but in the meantime, needed to monitor around the exposed section of pipe for leaks of H2S. This was not only to protect the workers, but the nearby residents who were alarmed by the exposed pipe carrying potentially hazardous materials. As a temporary worksite in a remote location, a running conduit to fixed monitors at the site would have extended the timeline to getting the situation fixed and burying the pipeline to a safe depth. By the time the detectors were installed, the problem could have been fixed.


After learning about the Vanguard WirelessHART gas detector with true wireless operation through white papers, the area’s Maintenance Measurement/Automation Coordinator immediately saw the potential to solve their problem. Given the ability to immensely shorten the time from receipt to operation of the detectors, the project to fix the exposed pipeline and ease the concerns of the nearby residents was able to move forward, and get the producer back to safe operation quickly.


A  gas detector you can install where traditional wired detectors cannot reach due to limitations in infrastructure...

United Electric Control's (UC) Vanguard WirelessHART® toxic and combustible gas detector was designed and built specifically for safety applications where power and signal wiring is difficult and expensive. It’s easy pushbutton calibration, mount-anywhere plus it offers seamless plug-and-play interoperability that will save time and trouble.

As a fixed point gas detector, with fast and affordable deployment, five-year battery life, and simple integration in WirelessHART® networks, the Vanguard wireless gas detector was designed to meet changing needs in smart gas detection coverage. Install where traditional wired detectors cannot reach due to limitations in infrastructure, or fill in gaps in plants as a part of the management of change procedures.

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