Case Study: The Intrepid Gateway Solution for H2S Leak Monitoring in Oil & Gas Refineries

In the critical field of oil and gas, ensuring the safety of operations and personnel is paramount. A major refinery faced a significant challenge in monitoring hazardous H2S and combustible gases around vital areas such as vapor recovery units and knock out drums near emergency flares. The need for a robust, reliable monitoring system was unmistakable, particularly considering the unique challenges presented by the existing infrastructure. In this specific context, the financial and logistical considerations made traditional wired gas detectors less feasible, underscoring the need for a more adaptable solution. This case study explores how the United Electric Controls (UEC) Intrepid WirelessHART® Field Gateway, developed by Centero, provided a groundbreaking solution to these challenges, exemplifying innovation in safety technology.

The Challenge of Monitoring in Expansive and Complex Sites

The primary obstacle was the lack of input/output (I/O) support for traditional wired gas detectors, coupled with the large distances and extensive wiring that would be required for effective leak monitoring. Initially, the refinery tested a limited deployment using a traditional gateway and Vanguard WirelessHART gas detectors. However, the layout of the flare sites and the distance from the plant network connection introduced significant data transmission bottlenecks and network latency risks.

To combat these issues, an elaborate setup involving an antenna with a 350-meter cable and two repeaters was implemented. Although this approach somewhat mitigated the risk of data loss and network latency, it introduced additional complexity, cost, and still did not fully eliminate the problem of network "hops."

The Solution: UEC Intrepid Gateway by Centero

centero-gateway-vanguard2 copy

The breakthrough came with the introduction of UEC’s Intrepid Gateway, which incorporates Industrial WIFI Mesh+ technology alongside WirelessHART. This innovative solution rendered the two repeaters and the extensive cabling unnecessary. By leveraging this advanced gateway, the refinery was able to establish two separate mesh networks around each flare line, significantly reducing latency and eliminating the issue of hops that plagued the initial setup.


Key Results: A Leap Forward in Industrial Safety and Efficiency

The implementation of the Intrepid Gateway led to robust and simplified infrastructure expansion and a more reliable network design. These improvements not only enhanced safety around critical refinery operations but also demonstrated the potential for significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.

The successful deployment of UEC’s Centero gateway solution illustrates the power of innovative technology to solve complex industrial challenges. By overcoming the limitations of traditional monitoring systems, the Intrepid Gateway has set a new standard for safety and reliability in the oil and gas industry.

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