Case Study: Mini IR3 Flame Detectors in Air Supported Structures

“The Wingate Institute”, For Physical Education and Sport Excellence has Chosen Spectrex Flame detectors to protect Training Facility

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Training facility for the Israeli national gymnastics team which is constructed from air-supported structures comprising a flexible shell in strong, reinforced fabric with no metal membranes and attached in an air-tight manner to the ground. Air is fed into the shell, developing excessive pressure and supporting the structure. Air structured membrane systems are built to meet all local building and safety codes, and they are structurally sound, able to withstand a wide range of different weather conditions.

The installation was undertaken by Telefire, the local Spectrex distributor, who also provided Wingate Institute with the complementary products required.

In order to meet new fire department requirements, due to the height and 200 sqm area of the structure and the materials with which it is built, optical flame detectors were required in addition to the smoke detectors. The system must be able to detect fire rapidly in such a large space.

With an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the new structure was constructed especially for use by the national rhythmic gymnastics team and is visited by many fans all year around.

This is a unique construction project with large spaces requiring special protection measures which, including Spectrex flame detectors.

The Spectrex SharpEye 20/20MPI and 20/20MI provide the highest quality optical flame detection using IR3 technology to “see” small flames from long distances with high immunity to false alarms. This installation provided the Wingate Institution with top results:

  • High-quality optical flame detection, able to detect in large areas with highest false alarm immunity
  • A relatively small number of detectors installed due to large detection range
  • High quality, accurate and early detection

“Spectrex supported us every step of the way, providing professional assistance and helping us meet the very tight timeframe.”

20:20MI - Mini IR3 Flame Detector

20/20MPI - Commercial IR3 Flame Detector

20:20MPI - Commercial IR3 Flame Detector

20/20MI - Mini IR3 Flame Detector


Air-supported structures are usually used to create protected areas mainly in sports and leisure facilities, however, they can be also used for ice palaces, storage and equipment depots, covered warehouses, industrial workshops, terminals and even in military applications (weapons assembly, vehicle and aircraft maintenance, radar equipment storage, or as mobile hospitals).

Adding our Spectrex IR3 Flame detectors is an ideal safety solution for these types of structures.

For more details on our Spectrex Flame Detectors check out our brand page or call to speak to one of our technical representatives at 1-800-912-9262.