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Westech Industrial Sample Conditioning System (SCS)

Sample Conditioning Systems (SCS) ensure a representative sample reaches your analyzer in a timely manner. An effective SCS is imperative for accurate analytical results while also protecting the analyzer. Today most analyzers are increasingly more refined and precise, making the design and manufacturing of an effective SCS essential to their effective integration into the process. It is generally agreed by vendors and technical experts that 80% to 90% of all analyzer errors and maintenance problems can be traced back to the SCS and sampling handling issues. Proper design of the Sample Conditioning System is essential to achieving the desired performance of analytical measurement.

At Westech Industrial, our team has over 40+ years of combined experience working with analyzer systems, designing Sample Conditioning Systems, and Sample Recovery Systems in a wide range of applications and industries. With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we have the ability to work out compatibility issues with a wide variety of samples and determine the best sample tap location for accurate results and easy maintenance. Our SCS designs minimize the number of components that will be needed to provide a representative sample compatible with the analyzer while providing accurate, reliable, and timely results. Our team will work with you to optimize your process response time and analysis accuracy, which will result in less downtime, maintenance, and enable your company to save time and money.

Our previous Sample Conditioning System designs include applications for LNG/Natural Gas, Oil & Gas, Biogas, CEMS, Water Quality, Samplers, and Petrochemical.

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