METTLER TOLEDO 3000CS Chloride and Sulfate Analyzer

Ppb-Level Chloride and Sulfate Detection for Cycle Chemistry
Chloride and sulfate analyzers are on-line devices designed for continuous ppb-level monitoring of chloride and sulfate in a water system. METTLER TOLEDO’s 3000CS is a combined chloride analyzer and sulfate analyzer that employs microfluidic capillary electrophoresis technology to monitor and promptly catch contamination so corrective action can be taken. This joint chloride analyzer and sulfate analyzer is designed for on-line cycle chemistry measurements and makeup water.

Available: Canada Wide

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Online Measurement of Chloride & Sulfate.
The 3000CS is a reliable, online analyzer for the direct measurement of chloride and sulfate in pure water and power plant cycle chemistry. This instrument detects these highly corrosive ions to prevent damage to critical power plant components.

Direct Detection of Chloride & Sulfate
The 3000CS provides a method for direct, online detection of corrosive ions without measurement interference from other ions or common additives.

Rapid Monitoring to Prevent Corrosion
Measurement cycles every 45 minutes ensure you can quickly react to chloride and sulfate excursions to prevent corrosive conditions from occurring.

Reduced Monitoring Effort and Costs
Typical chloride and sulfate monitoring requires expensive resources and lab work. The 3000CS eliminates the need for costly offline tests.

Material No.: 58044001



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