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MARIMEX ViscoScope Sensor VA-300

The ViscoScope® sensors are made of high-quality, first-class stainless steel and impress with their intelligent, robust design. All parts in contact with the process are completely welded. Moving parts do not wear out and there are no leaks that damage the inside of the sensor housing. Each ViscoScope® viscometer has a Pt100 integrated into the sensor. The ViscoScope VA-300 sensors allow a wide range of variants and are therefore manufactured to order. This ensures optimal installation in new and existing plants. Further special features are the CIP / SIP capability, surface Ra <0.2 µm, dead space free installation or intrinsically safe installation.

Available: Canada Wide

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Fields of Application

  •  Coatings
  •  Paints and varnishes
  •  Fine chemistry
  •  Adhesives and sealants
  •  Synthetic resins
  •  Paper coatings
  •  Polymers (PET, PE, PC, PA6, PIB, PS, PMMA and others))
  •  Polymer melts (fibres, granulates)
  •  Silicones
  •  Suspensions, dispersions, emulsions
  •  Black liquor
  •  Cement



Manufacturer info

Marimex America LLC is a Joint Venture of West Machine Works Inc. (USA) and Marimex Industries GmbH & Co. KG (Germany). Marimex is a leader in manufacturing process viscometers, a modular system marketed under the „ViscoScope“ brand, which is used successfully in all sectors of industry.
Acting so far in Europe, Asia and Australia, Marimex extend its operation area with the formation of Marimex America LLC in 2011.