Improve your Low-Temperature Valve & Manifold Instrumentation Installations

Improve your Low-Temperature Valve & Manifold Instrumentation Installations with TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation P Series & H7 Series Low-Temperature Bonnet!


The TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation P Bonnet & H7 Bonnet Low-Temperature Series are an extension to the existing product range. This Series provides flexible, robust, and compact designs for static pressure on/off instrument process isolation across various valve configurations. Low-temperature design requirements are met even with a compact size and reduced weight. Installation processes are improved by minimizing the need for extended bonnets and providing bubble-tight shut-off performance required on instrument isolation applications.

Available in 316 stainless steel, PTFE or Graphite stem packing and covers an operating temperature range down to -191º C (-312º F). Low-temperature bonnets are suitable to be supplied across the range of metal seat type manifolds, hand & gauge valves providing a broad selection range for optimum coverage. The optional H7 extended bonnet version will be available to satisfy applications where instrument piping insulation is necessary.

Key Industries & Applications

  • Oil & Gas (LNG, LPG, Cryogenic gas plants)•
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical

The low temp bonnet series can be utilized across our range of valve products which currently use ‘P’ series & H7 series bonnets & design meets the rigorous demand of cryogenic level operating temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • Metal seat for repeatable bubble-tight shut-off
  • Blow-out proof stem, back seat design
  • Extended cycle life, packing below threads
  • Compact size allows for reduced installation envelope
  • Low maintenance
  • Able to incorporate into a variety of body configurations
  • Fire ‘type’ tested to API607 / BS6755 – Graphite packed
  • Reduced number of suppliers used; shortened project timelines
  • Pressure rating for 316SS remains as per B31.3 table A1

Download our PDF Catalog on the Low-Temperature Bonnet Assembly Options or Call Westech Industrial for more information at (403) 252-8803.