Dynasonics® Ultrasonic Meters: The Power of “No”

Dynasonics Ultrasonic flow meters offer many benefits compared to mechanical models, including no interruption of service or permanent installation required.

Our Badger Meter's Dynasonics® Ultrasonic flow meters are a popular solution to simplify flow measurement across a variety of applications, from pump and lift stations to power generation and makeup and boiler feed water. These ultrasonic meters measure flow rate by propagating ultrasound waves into liquid-filled pipes and measuring the reflections. Available in both transit time and Doppler technology options, these clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters have become a leading choice to streamline flow processes not just for what they do, but what they don’t. Here are six benefits of Dynasonics Ultrasonic flow meters:

  • No permanent installation required: Unlike many of their mechanical counterparts, ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters do not require a permanent installation. In fact, many stakeholders use these portable meters as a temporary way to verify the accuracy of other meters or check flow on other pipes in their facility.
  • No interruption of service or shutting down processes: These clamp-on meters feature a non-intrusive design. The meter clamps onto the exterior of the pipe without the need to interrupt service or shut down processes. That means individuals can install an ultrasonic flow meter in under an hour and start receiving accurate readings right away while operations continue as planned.
  • No contact with internal liquid: A top reason ultrasonic meters are chosen over other options is because of their clamp-on design. These meters easily attach to a pipe’s exterior and are secured in place without ever penetrating the pipe or coming in contact with the internal liquid. This feature is especially beneficial in settings where the liquid should not be exposed, such as caustic liquids, raw sewage or ultrapure water.
  • No expensive installation costs: Installation costs are often of concern when selecting a meter for process implementation. Because of the ease of installation with ultrasonic clamp-on meters, costs are greatly reduced since the meter can be installed by one person with a screwdriver—no additional tools or welding processes are needed.
  • No moving parts to maintain: Ultrasonic clamp-on meters are designed to measure the velocity of a fluid flowing through a pipe by way of ultrasonic signals. Creating the ultrasound does not require any rotating parts, which results in minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership.
  • No pressure head loss: Pressure head loss is not of concern with ultrasonic clamp-on meters. Instead of using flow-restricting plates to measure flow, ultrasonic flow meters use transducers that attach to the pipe’s exterior to measure the flow rate of the internal liquid. This eliminates any concern of potential pressure head loss.

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