Critical Service Type 447 as alternative to nickel-based materials


Nickel prices are exploding on the raw material markets


In type 447, the medium-wetted parts of the steel body (inlet and outlet) are lined with PTFE. This makes this type an economical alternative to nickel-based materials, such as Hastelloy, which can be used in API type 526.

Applications with corrosive media have challenging requirements for the materials. For example, stainless steels are unsuitable for the production and processing of chlorine. LESER offers safety valves of the "Critical Service" product group to safeguard these applications.

The minimum thickness of the PTFE lining is 3 mm. This ensures reliable protection of the safety valve against corrosion. The system is safely protected against impermissible overpressures. The 447 is thus an equivalent technical alternative at significantly lower prices.

Thanks to the PTFE lining, the Type 447 is an economical alternative for nickel-based materials

Why does LESER use isostatically pressed PTFE?

Comparison of the lining materials PTFE / PFA
Comparison of the lining materials PTFE / PFA

LESER uses PTFE instead of PFA because it is the universal material for applications with corrosive media. The following table provides a comparison of the properties.

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