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SOR INC 200 Series Sealed Level Switches

SOR sealed chamber level detectors are an economical alternative to our flanged models. They are specifically designed for versatility of application and a long working life. These chamber level detectors can handle higher pressures and temperatures than our serviceable models. All of these non-serviceable units are designed to ASME B31.3 (petrochemical) and B31.1 (power generation) guidelines.

  • Low-cost sealed chamber
  • Pressure from vacuum to 3500 psi, temperature from -65°F to 1200°F
  • Stainless steel detecting mechanism for harsh atmospheres
  • Constructed to ANSI/ASME industry standards
  • All ASTM materials construction

Available distribution:  Ontario

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Features and Benefits

  • Highly customizable based on process conditions and operator requirements
  • Primary Flow-Thru Sample Valve features a side-ported needle valve with packing below the threads; ensuring that the stem will not seize due to process build up.
  • Side-ported Vent Needle prevents plugging of vent port
  • Secondary Isolation Valve below Volume Cylinder prevents bottle exposure to process pressure
  • Can be designed to produce repeatable sample volume
  • 316L standard material; other materials available
  • Replaceable Process and Vent Needles
  • Non-metallic bottle shroud protects operator in case of shattered bottle
  • Customized Operation and Installation Manual for each system


Sor_200_Manual_Jan 14,2020_Westech.pdf

Sor_200_Spec sheet_Jan 14,2020_Westech.pdf


Manufacturer info

At SOR we listen and respond to the needs of oil and gas producers, power generation plants and nuclear facilities. In the vast majority of cases, these industries require specialized products that are engineered to order to handle unique environmental or hazardous challenges. Even if the pressure, level, flow or temperature product you need doesn’t exist or is no longer manufactured, our engineering staff can design a device to solve the problem and our in-house machine shop can build it from scratch.