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Unique installation scenarios require made-to-measure sensors. VA-300 series ViscoScope sensors can be used to realise any technically feasible design.
Not every reactor has a block flange free for mounting a sensor. Frequently, only a nozzle may be available. The resulting dead volume can be bridged with a non-active extension (NAE). The length and diameter of the NAE are adapted to the dimensions of the nozzle. As a result, the medium does not collect in the dead volume and the probe is deeply immersed in the liquid being measured. It is to be installed in a pipe bend, the NAE can be adapted to the radius of the pipe to prevent obstruction of the flow.

Available: Canada Wide

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Marimex_VA300H_Certificate_Jan 10,2020_Westech.pdf

Marimex_VA300H_Spec sheet_Jan 10,2020_Westech.pdf

Manufacturer info

Marimex America LLC is a Joint Venture of West Machine Works Inc. (USA) and Marimex Industries GmbH & Co. KG (Germany). Marimex is a leader in manufacturing process viscometers, a modular system marketed under the „ViscoScope“ brand, which is used successfully in all sectors of industry.
Acting so far in Europe, Asia and Australia, Marimex extend its operation area with the formation of Marimex America LLC in 2011.