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SICK GM35 In-situ Gas Analyzers

With the GM32 in-situ gas analyzer, your control technology systems are able to work with actual values in “real time”. This is because it measures reactive gases including pressure and temperature in-situ, in other words, directly in the gas duct. Moreover, this is achieved quickly and without the need for complicated gas sampling or transportation, therefore avoiding the risk of changing or falsifying the gas composition.

At a glance
  • Direct, fast in-situ measurement
  • No gas sampling, no gas transport, no gas conditioning
  • Up to eight measuring components at the same time, plus process temperature and pressure
  • DOAS and CDE evaluation process
  • Numerous independent measuring ranges with consistent accuracy
  • Automatic self-test function (QAL3) without test gases
  • Overpressure encapsulated design for ATEX Zones 1 and 2

Available: ONT, QC

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  • Measured values in real-time without altering the gas composition
  • Short-term process deviations are detected
  • Representative measurement byselection of cross-duct or measuring probe versions
  • Fast on-site service due to modular design
  • Long maintenance-free intervals
  • Cost-effective in-situ gas analyzer — also in ATEX design
  • Low cost of installation and operation, no test gases required
  • Complete emissions measurement in Kraft pulp process by way of simultaneous measurement of TRS components plus SO2, NO, NH3


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Sick_FlowsicGm35_Manual_Jan 23,2020_Westech.pdf

Manufacturer Info

Industrial automation is changing at an extremely rapid pace. As an innovation leader on the vanguard of developing cutting-edge sensor technology, SICK Ltd offers solutions today that are ready for the challenges of the future – with intelligent sensors that collect data, evaluate it in real time, adapt to their environment, and communicate in the network.

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