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The ability to analytically quantify H2S in liquids such as crude oil, fuel oil, naphtha, water, diesel and gasoline are enhanced with the Sample Transfer
StripperTM (STS), exclusive ASI Membrane Technologies and rateometric-colorimetric detection technology oered by Analytical Systems Keco.
Analysis is a quick procedure requiring only one push button for analysis. The user rst connects the prepared Sample Container to the analyzer. Next,
the user presses START on the analyzer’s keypad. The rest of the analysis is automatic: The sample is quickly heated and agitated by purging the sample
with air. The purging strips the H2S gas from the liquid sample based in part on Henry’s law. Next, the stripped H2S gas is swept to the STS unit which
permeates through the exclusive ASI Membrane Technology. A carrier air on the other side of the membrane then sweeps the H2S gas sample to the
H2S specic detector (no cross-interferences) for quantitative analysis in ppb, ppm, and up to saturation levels

Available: AB, BC, MB, SK

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Install dependable liquid and gas analyzers that measure H2S, CO2, total sulfur, hydrocarbons and oil.