PRESS RELEASE: Westech Industrial Ltd. and Total Combustion Inc. enter into exclusive distribution agreement for Canadian marketplace

Westech Industrial Ltd. and Total Combustion Inc. enter into an exclusive distribution agreement for the Canadian marketplace.

Westech and TCI’s business relationship dates back several decades when the two companies worked together in product development on the current generation of clean combustion incinerators, built and designed by TCI, but utilize Westech designed flame arrestors.  Westech and TCI are both Alberta based, family-owned businesses with long histories of innovation in the industrial market by focusing on solving Canadian industrial problems with made in Canada solutions and support.

“We are excited to come together to bring this technology to our customers as they face unprecedented scrutiny on their carbon footprints across all industries, but in particular oil & gas.  Westech has been the go-to source for emission reduction technologies in the biogas sector in Canada for decades and we are excited to provide these solutions to our customers in the energy sector facing these same challenges.” said Jeff Scott, General Manager of Westech.

“By partnering with Westech we can achieve a greater market reach , while focusing our resources on developing new technologies to further enhance the environmental solutions we are providing the marketplace.  We’re proud to be supplying the Canadian energy industry with methane reduction technologies that allow it to continue to compete on a global scale.” said Julie Wiseman, VP Operations of TCI.

About TCI

TCI products are manufactured in Red Deer, Alberta – with rental fleets located across North America, but primarily based in Central Alberta, Grande Prairie, Ontario and Colorado, USA.

TCI has a 20-year track record as a leader in methane reduction technologies across North American.  TCI clean combustion units  achieve a99.8% destruction efficiency and is a recognized environmentally friendly alterative to venting and flaring.

About Westech

For over fifty years Westech Industrial has been the leading provider of innovative analytical equipment, process control and instrumentation solutions to a wide range of industries to help make their operations more efficient, productive and a safer place to work. Our expertise and product portfolio includes; analytical measurement, biogas solutions, instrumentation, fire and gas solutions, instrument and process valves, variable frequency drives and power solutions.

More Information

For more information about our TCI product line please visit our website at or call and speak to one of our Technical Representatives at 1-800-912-9262.