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Westech offers leading companies industrial solutions that optimize performance and safety. Our biggest value to our customers is support. We supply integrated solutions backed by a diverse knowledge base of analytics, process control and instrumentation, and fifty years of experience. We service and support both the analytics and process instrument brands that we represent, as well as others.

Westech technical services include:

  • Rapid Service Response
  • In-House / On-Site Commissioning, Inspections, Support
  • Telephone Support
  • Inventory of Spares & Consumables
  • Dedicated Service Coordinators
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Technical Consultations & Training

Mechanical Support:

  • Flare Ignition Systems
  • Biogas Valves/ Regulators
  • Varec and Other Tank Protection Products With Mobile Test Bench
  • PVRV’s
  • Emergency Vents
  • Flame Arresters
  • Blanketing Regulators
  • Set / Test / Rebuild Services

Analytical Support:

  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • SCS & Analyzer Inspections, Repair, Modifications and Evaluations
  • Physical Property
  • GC’s
  • Liquid Analysis
  • Continuous Gas Analysis
  • FT-IR / FT-NIR
  • Sulphur


  • RATA Support
  • Calibration Gas Audit Reporting
  • Performance Test

Measuring and Metering:

  • Moisture in Gas and Liquids
  • Viscosity and Density Installation, Evaluations / Consultations
  • Gas Detection

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