The need to globally maintain a clean environment and to stand up to the effects of adverse activities on air, water and soil are worldwide concerns. HORIBA, as being amongst the global leader in the field of environmental and process analysis, is dedicated to providing new and more advanced solutions to foster healthy world for current and future generations.

HORIBA’s advanced analyzer technologies provide accurate, low maintenance emission measurement and analysis for these major industries that require the measurement of atmospheric, water pollution and to other aspects of the environmental pollution. From design through installation, including startup, training and certification, HORIBA is not only a sole-source manufacturer but also solution provider for all kinds of environmental and process monitoring.

 Available/Exclusive distribution: ON, QC and Maritimes

Products Available

  • Environmental analyzers, including ambient, air pollution, and continuous emissions analyzers
  • Ambient Dust Monitor (PM2.5)
  • Process gas analyzers
  • Environmental radiation monitors
  • Water analysis instruments

Additional Product Information