Gentherm Global Power Technologies


As the world leader in turnkey remote power solutions for over 40 years, GPT is the preeminent expert in the design and fabrication of integrated remote power systems. GPT’s Global Integrated Power Systems are constructed to maximize the performance of their Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) for reliability, low life-cycle cost, maintenance ease, and long-term performance – with a 20 year service life.

GPT understands the complex and unique requirements of designing and building an integrated power solution for extreme environments.  These systems are capable of withstanding the most intense conditions, from the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert to the subzero temperatures of the Arctic Circle. GPT's Thermoelectric Power Generators are designed and built to be tough, reliable power systems tailored to each unique operating environment.

GPT specializes in remote power solutions for oil and gas infrastructure, offshore platforms, and remote telecommunications installations. Westech will be supplying western Canada with GPT’s Thermoelectric Power Generators (TEGs) solutions from 15 Watt to 5000 Watt in either Single, Stand Alone, or Multi-unit solutions.

 Available/Exclusive distribution:  BC, AB, SK, MB 

Products Available

  • GlobalTEGs - Thermoelectric Generators
  • GlobalSolarHybrid™
  • GlobalPrimeGen™
  • GlobalStation™
  • GlobalCharge™
  • Custom Power Solutions